HSD February Favorites: Artists to Watch

Hey Disco babes! We couldn’t be happier that there is a new month ahead of us. January flew by (seriously, where did it go?) and February was cold and dreary, at least in our neck of the woods. A lot—good and bad—happened in both of those months for us, but after some much needed R&R, I’m ready for a new month, some leather pants, and some sunshine. Who’s with me?

The gals behind High Street Disco have put together a playlist of tracks that we discovered in February, that you should absolutely listen to. Watch this space for our March favorites.

LUC – “Lost in Love”

Very apropos for the past holiday (no, not President’s Day), this sexy, indie-electronic track “Lost in Love” has us feeling ourselves. The Los Angeles-based duo is made up of songwriter Kari Kimmel (vox) and Joe Corcoran (producer). They produce futuristic, cinematic tracks that feel as though they have as much place on a Black Mirror episode as they do on a Spotify Playlist. We love that for them.

The track “Lost in Love” follows this slightly dystopian concept of love and all of its many variations, wrapped in a synth-heavy gravity blanket. It’s not exactly a walk in the park, but then again, neither is being in love. LUC captures all of these conflicting emotions perfectly.

la lune – “holding onto you”

21 year-old, London-born singer-songwriter la lune has put out this banger of an indie electronic track that is so worthy of our disco praise. The producer has been releasing music with a DIY ethos since she was 18, and has gained the like and respect of BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 6, NME, and Spotify, landing a spot on New Music Friday UK, and we’ve got a feeling that 2020 is going to be her year.

Her new tune “holding onto you” features ethereal vocals and a sick bass-heavy beat akin to London Grammar. Set in a London warehouse backdrop, the music video for “holding onto you” breathes life into the track—featuring gorgeous yet minimalist choreography that makes you want to immediately redownload all of the apps and find a love like la lune has found.

Rookes – “Liminal”

Another London-based artist, Rookes picks up where la lune leaves off, this time channeling all of that self-love spirit that we all need to embody.

Known for her charismatic and commanding stage presence, and her fearless exploration of queer-female identity, Rookes takes that on-stage presence and recreates it in her new music video for the track “Liminal.” The title track for her EP Liminal, the album “tells the story of being between relationships, of existing in a space between two states, of leaving a relationship, and starting a new one. The four songs serve together as a 3 year chronicle encapsulating the emotionally-charged in between spaces rarely written about in relationships.” 

What we are also treated to is a discovery of liberation and self-love, wrapped around an element of ride-or-die friendship. I don’t know about you, but after a few months of ‘what-the-fuck’ this track and video really helps us remember what is important.

Day & Dream – “Paralysis by Analysis”

Okay. This track explains everything I went through during the month of February (see: why I’m so excited its a new month). But, my friends and former therapist let me know it’s important to look back and reflect; Day & Dream’s new tune “Paralysis by Analysis” can serve as the catalyst for that.

Reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, Day & Dream covers topics that aren’t warm, cuddly, or beautiful, but wrapped in angelic vocals, you almost forget that you’re covering as much ground as you are.

“The song was inspired by dealing with family members and friends that feel stuck in life — those that overthink things and take no action — hence the title of the song. It’s difficult, because the lack of decisions by the ones closest to us, sometimes affects us in a negative manner, resulting in holding us back from doing what we must do in life.”

With a 70’s, deep reverb, chorus effect on the guitar, smooth bass groove, and a music video wrapped in a red hue, “Paralysis by Analysis” speaks volumes beautifully.

KOKO – “Eyes So Wide”

Holy f*ck, the track “Eyes So Wide” by Bristol-based trio KOKO is my new pre-game anthem before headed for a night out. Capturing the moment the band first met, the track moves from party-mode to after-party comedown across a danceable terrain. The driving bass line and striking chords at the chorus keep you up on the dance floor while lead singer Oliver Garland’s sexy vocals make you feel like you’re on America’s Next Top Model.

“Eyes So Wide is a song about lust” explain the band, “It’s when you lust after someone from the moment you meet them and you want to lose all of your inhibitions with that person.”

Yep. Here’s hoping March brings lots of that lusty goodness our way—and your way. Let’s all play “Eyes So Wide” and get new lovers, shall we?


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