Lessons learned from Inserting an Egg into my Vagina

I don’t often believe in hippie dippie health practices or the concept of genital improvement so when I was told that there was an ancient Chinese egg that you put in your vagina with the aim of spiritual awakening and making your pussy stronger, I was skeptical. 

I am still unconvinced that my mind, soul or pussy has become spiritually awake from egging.  However, since I purchased an egg, the egg and I have had some truly spectacular moments.  Let’s begin by going over the facts.

There have not been any scientific studies exploring the potential benefits or harms of using Yoni eggs.  As well, most of the articles I have read about the healing qualities of the Yoni egg were written by companies that manufacture the egg. 

Regardless, I was able to dig deep and find some facts.

What’s the purpose of the Yoni egg?

  • The Yoni egg can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.  After have the yoni egg inserted for 20 minutes each day for a couple weeks I had more control over tightening these muscles. This was pleasurable for me and my partner when I clenched during intercourse and helped me to have more intense orgasms.
  • The Yoni egg may help reduce stress and anxiety.  Overall, I find that any activity that involves paying more attention to one’s vagina has this result, but I didn’t not notice the egg specifically did this.
  • Many Yoni eggs are said to have particular specialties, from helping with PMS to increasing creativity.  There is no research to support how exactly these stones are specialized in this way, but why not get one that has a purpose that speaks to you.

How do you use to Yoni egg safely? 

  • It is easier (and more fun!) to insert the egg once you are aroused and thus lubricated. 
  • Although there is conflicting information, I would suggest not using the Yoni egg for more than an hour a day, as you don’t want to over-work your pelvic floor muscles. Also, although to my knowledge there have not been any cases of toxic shock syndrome resulting from the Yoni egg, the risk is lower if you only have it inside you for shorter periods of time.
  • Pick a good quality stone, otherwise it may rust, or dissolve in your vagina!  According to Medium Yoni eggs should have a Mohs Hardness of 6.5 or higher to be safe for insertion, other than obsidian crystals which can have a Mohs Hardness or 5.5 or higher.  If you are like me and are thinking WTF is a Mohs Hardness, check out the list of safe and unsafe stones in this article
  • Keep your egg clean!  Wash it with soap and water, including the hole if your egg is drilled, to avoid infection.  As well, every couple weeks soak your egg in room temperature water with tea tree oil or lavender to keep it sanitized.
  • Don’t use the Yoni egg while you are having sex, menstruating, have an infection or are pregnant.
  • If you are experiencing discomfort or pain, remove the Yoni egg immediately, perhaps the egg isn’t compatible with your body.

What do you do once the egg is in?

Whatever you want! If your goal is to strengthen pelvic muscles than do sets of Kegels.  However, doing squats, cat and cow exercises, bridges, and planks will all help strengthen your pelvic muscles.  For some people, it will be difficult to stand up with the egg in.  In this case, strengthen your muscles through lying down and doing kegels and work up to standing up while keeping the stone inside you.  Sneezing, laughing and coughing without having the egg fall out will be challenging, and working towards doing so will strengthen your muscles.  Also, a side note: using a vibrator or giving yourself a clitoral massage feels really good with the yoni egg in and leads to mucho intense orgasms.

Am I fully convinced of the spiritual and healing benefits of the yoni egg?  Naw. Did I attempt to secretly stash the Yoni egg in by bra after it fell down my shorts while doing an intense twist in Pilates?  Perhaps. Has the Yoni egg helped improved my orgasms and experience new sensations?  I think so. For those that are interested in experiencing the egg for yourself, follow the instructions above to safely strengthen that pussy, and enjoy yourself along the way.


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